Healing Arts Resilency Training

It is impossible to pour from an empty cup, fill your cup first.

Caring for others and responding to emergency situations can be very physically, mentally and emotionally taxing.  Take the steps to build your own custom plan to manage the challenge of providing care to vulnerable others while taking care of  yourslef.
HART is an invaluable resource for anyone who cares for others.  
Let us help you fill your cup.


HART has been evolving for several years now all stemming from a need to make sense of a tragedy that I was involved in.  As a teenager I worked as a lifeguard, which the patrons  of the beach usually felt was a pretty sweet gig, we got paid to hang out and get a tan.  Which I suppose was true....until it wasn't.  In July of 2005 (day 2 of being open) we responded to a drowning, a child.  There is no amount of training that can prepare you for that.  Our team had a wonderful volunteer from Victim Services that spoke with us and we were offered councelling if we wanted it.  A few days later we were back to business.  Investigations and legal proceedings carried on for then next several years and we relived the whole thing over and over again.
Flash forward a few years and I began working in healthcare, trying to help people who have had devastating ilnesses or injuries. Looking after people and familes who are palliative.  Coming to work and finding out that the seemingly stable patient you cared for yesterday has died overnight.  Again, there is nothing to prepare us for this and no form of regular support when these things happen.  In healthcare that could be every day.
Nothing can wear you out like caring about people.
One day, sitting at home, I had a phone call from my Mom to tell me that the lifeguards in the town where I used to live had a serious incident happen that day and some of the guards were having difficulty with what to do next.  After hanging up the phone I immediatly called my friend and former employer (who still worked with the same organization) and asked if she would like me to come and speak to the team.  I went to see them and relived my incident all over again, this time with more purpose.  My words helped to normalize the feelings and start the healing process.  It allowed the team members who were not there at the  incident to ask questions, express their feelings and support their peers.
It was at that point that I knew I had to continue to share this message of hope and healing to anyone who experiences traumatic events, even those seemingly small, every day ones that we incur by caring for people who are unwell.
You have permission to REST. 
You are not responsible to fix everything that is broken.
You do not have to make everyone happy.
For now, take time for you.
​It's time to replenish.

Keynote Speakers
Bring a small dose of resiliency or stress management to your team.  Can be used to address large groups and introduce the improtance of overall wellness for caregivers.
Custom Wellness Programs
Work directly with a wellness coach to determine the areas of highest need for your Organization and develop a custom program for your group.
Ways to Refill Your Cup
Online learning
HART offers many opportunities to increase your skills and to tailor your resilliency plan.  Check out the options to the right and continue to check back with us for updated events and programs or join our email list and we will send them right to you!
Watch for this coming up!!